Yellowfin 7.4 Preview: Data Discovery

Yellowfin discusses their upcoming release with advanced data discovery. This innovation has great potential for the space. In some cases, our own clients have requested a project to solve this problem. A lot of techniques have grown from academia. However, we have seen few real business use cases addressed with existing techniques without outside consultants. At some point someone needs to connect the dots for business owners through a platform that fits within their business context. We are excited to see this feature in action.

AI Transforming Insurance Industry

Some industries are quicker to adapt to technological advancement. The insurance industry may have a mixed record on how well it has used the Internet and various communications platforms but it does not appear to be hesitating on deploying tools that rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI). In fact, it almost looks like every significant player in the insurance industry is picking up efficiencies with AI; especially the providers involved in claims processing. Read More …