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Come See Jonathan Mugan Speak

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Blacklight Solutions is proud to be a part of the technology community here in Austin and we are excited to spotlight our new leadership positions in the community, upcoming Data Science events, and two community-focused fundraising campaigns. The Association of Computing Machinery is the largest professional organization specifically for computer scientists in the world. The

Feeling Good about Game of Thrones, Finally

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Our community work is part of our DNA, and we challenge ourselves all the time to find time in our schedules to contribute to the community.  Whether it is becoming one of the biggest fundraisers for Austin Sunshine Camps  or through our community education work with the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) we continue to

Accelerate Your Time to Market

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From Services Provider to Software Vendor Your service is successful.  You are fulfilling the needs of your customers.  Your reputation is healthy, and now you are looking to expand more.  The most basic expansion strategy is asking what else you can do for your existing customers to strengthen your relationship. Offering a software product is