So you have got your data unlocked, a way to organize and pull insights from it and a visualization tool.  You have gleaned insights of real value and want to share them.  What’s next?

It is time to tell a story with that data.  Data storytelling is more than just visualizing that information, it is the presentation of a logical narrative and it allows you to take the incomprehensible details of all of that raw information and turn it into decisions that are directionally correct.  Business intelligence is no more about charts than medicine is about stethoscopes.  These are tools of the trade, not the trade.

To tell a story with data you need an explanatory focus.  This means we will need the how and they why, not just the who, what, when and where.  You want to be sure that your work is producing a logical narrative and use charts to show how that narrative is supported, corroborated and enriched by objective information.

Business intelligence is no more about charts than medicine is about stethoscopes

Everybody thinks about pretty visuals first, but when we tell stories with data we want to figureout the salient points and then use those visuals to enhance the narrative they create.  Having appealing visuals is wonderful but when we tell stories the visuals should back up the narrative, not the other way around.

“Information is giving out; communication is getting through”

–Sydney J. Harris

Here are the principals I would consider once you have an insight you want to share and you want to tell that story with data.

  1. Use text to support and emphasize narrative
  2. Add the visuals to support your narrative
  3. Make them interactive to enhance your ability to enrich the insights from that narrative.
  4. Consider using AI to help you drive to the insights quickly and build identify supportive content.  Just remember human review is still quite necessary with most of these tools

Also, there is plenty of further study for the motivated reader

If you have the time I will on a Yellowfin hosted webinar in an “Ask Me Anything” format on Wednesday 3/1 at 11am EST talking more about Data Storytelling and using Yellowfin as an example of it.

Ask Me Anything about Data Storytelling
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11:00 AM EST / 4:00 PM GMT

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