Blacklight Support Policy

1. Overview 

This Blacklight Support Policy (“Support Policy”) describes the policies and procedures under which Blacklight Solutions, LLC (“Blacklight Solutions”) provides technical support (“Support”) for software that is proprietary or that is sold by Blacklight Solutions in a reseller or OEM arrangement (“Software”) to any customer (“Customer”).  Blacklight Solutions may modify this Support Policy (and any referenced policies) from time to time to reflect process improvements or changing practices.  However, the modifications will not materially decrease Blacklight Solutions’ support or security obligations as compared to those in effect as of the Effective Date of the Subscription Agreement.

Support is provided pursuant to the separate subscription agreement under which Customer has purchased Support (“Subscription Agreement”) and is subject to the terms and conditions of that Subscription Agreement and the terms of this Support Policy.

Support is provided through Blacklight Solutions’ web-based support located at  (“Support Portal”)

Support is provided for the period specified in the Subscription Agreement.    This Support Policy sets forth expectations for Support between the Customer organization and Blacklight Solutions’ Customer Support organization, including:

  1. Who is authorized to submit issues How to submit issues
  2. What types of issues are supported
  3. How and when Blacklight Solutions resolves and closes reported issues

2. Scope of Support

  1. What Support and Maintenance Services Include. If Customer is current on its payment for Software, Blacklight Solutions shall use commercially reasonable efforts to provide Customer with Support for Software consisting of the following: (a) web‐based submissions of Incidents (as defined below) submitted by up to the number of designated Contacts (as defined below) as specified on Annex 1 (Support Policy Details); (b) guidance and troubleshooting regarding usage and connection issues related to Software; (c) online training found on Blacklight Solutions’ website; (d) access to an online secure site that contains submitted Incidents.
  2. What Support and Maintenance Services Exclude.
    1. Blacklight Solutions has no Support obligations with respect to the issues relating from: (i) Customer’s equipment, network connections or other infrastructure; (ii) use of Software by Customer in a manner not consistent with the Documentation or in violation of the Subscription Agreement; (iii) modifications to Software by any party other than Blacklight Solutions or (iv) failures or downtime due to any factors beyond Blacklight Solutions’ reasonable control or due to any force majeure event as described in the Subscription Agreement.
    2. Blacklight Solutions has no Support obligations for free, trial or evaluation access to Software.
    3. Support does not include provision of training, configuration, integration, or remote access (unless requested by Blacklight Solutions) or onsite services as may be offered by Blacklight Solutions or of support for any related deliverables.
  3. Blacklight Solutions’ Efforts. While Blacklight Solutions will make commercially reasonable efforts to correct errors in Software and respond to Incidents as described in this Support Policy, Customer acknowledges that it may not be possible for Blacklight Solutions to correct every or any bug, error, or problem reported by Customer or of which Blacklight Solutions is otherwise made aware.
  1. Policy Details. Important details of Blacklight Solutions’ Support Policy are set forth on Annex 1 to this Support Policy. This includes the business hours during which Blacklight Solutions provides Support (which are Monday through Friday during the local times specified in Annex 1) (“Business Hours”), limits on numbers of Contacts, target response times for Incidents and other details. Customer acknowledges that it has read and agreed to Annex 1.

3. Incident Submission

  1. Contacts. Support is intended to provide assistance to individuals for issues and questions beyond what is covered in the Documentation. Customers are expected to make reasonable efforts to ensure that the individuals that are designated as authorized contacts are qualified to support the Customer teams internally. To be qualified, these individuals should know the internal systems, tools, policies, and practices in use by the Customer, and they should also be proficient users of Software. Each such qualified contact is a “Contact”. Customer may designate up to the number of Contacts specified in the Annex 1 and may make changes to its Contacts as described in the Support Portal (unless other means are specified in Annex 1).
  2. How to Submit Incidents. Customer’s Contacts may report errors or abnormal behavior in Software (“Incidents”) through the Support Portal (unless other means are specified in Annex 1). In order to expedite the resolution of Incidents, Blacklight Solutions expects that Customer will make every attempt possible to:
    1. Verify that the Incident is reproducible.
    2. Provide information necessary to help Blacklight Solutions track, prioritize, reproduce, or investigate the Incident, such as: Customer name and organization.
    3. Provide a full description of the issue and expected results.
    4. Categorize issues (general question, defect, enhancement request, etc.).
    5. List steps to reproduce the issue and relevant data.
    6. Provide any applicable log files or console output.
    7. Provide exact wording of all issue‐related error messages.
    8. Describe any special circumstances surrounding the discovery of the issue, e.g., first occurrence or occurrence after a specific event, Customer’s business impact of problem, and suggested priority for resolution.
    9. Identify Incident number in any ongoing communications with Blacklight Solutions on an existing Incident.

Customer Cooperation. Customer will provide information and access to Customer resources as reasonably required for Blacklight Solutions to provide Support. Blacklight Solutions will be excused from any non‐performance of its obligations hereunder to the extent any such non‐performance is attributable to Customer’s failure to perform such obligations.

Incident Response
A. Priority Levels. Blacklight Solutions’ Support personnel will assign a priority level (“Priority Level”) to each Incident based on the criteria below:

Priority # Priority Level Description
Priority 1 Urgent Software is completely unavailable and inaccessible to 100% of the Customer’s users.
Priority 2 High Software is not operating in accordance with the Documentation and performance is severely degraded, causing a material and adverse impact for a majority of Customer’s users.
Priority 3 Medium Software is not operating in accordance with the Documentation and performance is somewhat degraded, causing a material and adverse impact for some (but not a majority) of Customer’s users.
Priority 4 Low Requests for assistance or “how to” advice.
Priority 5 Low Request for features or changes to Software that the Customer would like to record for review. Blacklight Solutions will not provide feedback on enhancement requests, and these Incidents are closed once the information has been recorded.
  1. Closure of Incidents. After assigning a Priority Level, Blacklight Solutions will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide acknowledgements, initial responses and updates based on the targets in Annex 1. Incidents shall be closed in the following manner:
  2. For solvable issues: Depending on the nature of the issue, the resolution may take the form of an explanation, recommendation, usage instructions, workaround instructions, or modification or fix to Software.
  3. For issues outside of scope of Support: Blacklight Solutions may also close issues by identifying the Incident as outside the scope of the Support pursuant to Section II above.
  4. Dropped Issues, Blacklight Solutions will consider an open case dropped (and may close the case) if the Contact has not responded to two (2) attempts or more made by Blacklight Solutions to collect additional information required to solve the case.

4. Security

Blacklight Solutions will maintain industry‐standard physical and data security systems designed to prevent unauthorized access to the Blacklight Solutions servers that make available Software. Blacklight Solutions’ standard practice is to routinely backup (not less frequently than once per day) all Customer Data. All storage, backup and archival media containing Customer Data shall: (a) be physically stored in a secured area; (b) be logically separated from any other customers’ data; and (c) be protected by industry‐standard encryption methods.

Annex 1 Support Policy Details

Policy Terms


Technical Support Service Effective Coverage Hours

Full Work Week in US Central Time Zone Monday through Friday

Emergency Priority 1 Support

Available 7am Monday to 6pm Friday, Central Time

Business Hours

6AM to 6PM Central Time Monday through Friday

Limited support during Blacklight Solutions events and holidays

Supported Channels:

Support Portal:


Phone: +1 512.795.0855


Additional escalations possible through account manager

Target Response Times During Business Hours (which may flow into next day)

Acknowledgment Time: 4 business hours for all incidents via an email

Target Response Time: Priority 1 is 4 business hours, Priority 2 is 1 business day, Priority 3,4 or 5 is 3 business days