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Organizational Truth

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It’s an awkward conversation. I sit there across from organizational leaders and ask “So, how many customers do you have now?”, “Maybe 300” one eager person at the table responds. “Wait” another says. “Are you counting customers that have subscribed but not paid yet?  What about customers that are being backed out for failure to pay?  What about

Blacklight Solutions Hires Aurelio Christian as Chief Technology Officer

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AUSTIN, TEXAS – October 21, 2020   Blacklight Solutions, a local applied business analytics company, welcomes Aurelio Christian as Chief Technology Officer. Christian brings with him over 20 years of experience in leading the creation of data intensive software applications, architecting of enterprise systems and driving cloud transformation for organizations of all sizes.   “Our mission at Blacklight is to provide small to mid-market businesses with a simpler way to leverage business analytics in the