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Blacklight Case Study

Impact Telecom is a leader in the telecommunications market, with a complex network that encompasses nationwide IP, interconnection facilities, fiber interconnects and switching operations.
This network routes new calls upwards of 1,000 times per second and carries a load of half a million calls during any given five-minute period. The company’s revenue is tied to the quality and stability of calls, as well as how quickly connections are made.
To optimize network efficiency, Impact Telecom has built a data management system that downloads and tracks every call in the system every five minutes – 90 million calls per day. This data is analyzed to determine the price and quality of routes selected, report performance indicators, identify network issues and set pricing strategies.
“Our business is to complete calls. The efficency and quality of our call routing directly impacts the company’s revenue base.”
David Shifley, SVP, Information Technology, Impact Telecom

With the growing complexity and volume of data that Impact Telecom processes every day, the company needed solutions for several business problems:

Real-time identification of network issues and visibility into performance trends over time.
Advance warning of environmental impacts to network performance to mitigate customer impact.
Analytics on call-routing data to optimize pricing strategy and maximize revenue realization.
Scaling of data processing and management processes to keep pace with operational needs.

“The network needs to process large amounts of data quickly and consistently in order to meet growing performance demands. In addition, we need to be able to surface analytics on call routing and quality as the basis for our pricing strategy. Our system must process millions of routing decisions per hour, and network outages or poor call quality can have a significant customer impact. “
David Shifley, SVP, Information Technology, Impact Telecom


It could take 24 hours to identify and address environmental impacts to the network, leading to lags in updating pricing and routing.
System processing outages could take a full day to resolve, leaving the business in the dark on network performance.
Limited analysis and reporting capabilities to surface performance insights.
System would be more efficient with the application of decisioning technology based on analysis of historical data.



Impact Telecom made 10,000+ system configuration updates based on the new analytics capabilities to improve network efficiency.
Data processing improvements enabled the company to optimize routing strategies and increase revenue realization
The Early Warning System recognizes changes in system performance and provides real-time alerts when there are issues.
The company can now easily track and report on measures such as post-dial delay, route termination and call quality.
Analysis and reporting on performance at a regional level was made possible for the first time.

“The Early Warning System Blacklight Solutions implemented has made a significant impact on our network management processes. We are now able to use more sophisticated, real-time decisioning, and have greater insight and reporting on performance measures. The push notifications ensure that the right people on the team are notified and can rapidly address any issues. “
David Shifley, SVP, Information Technology, Impact Telecom

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