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Blacklight’s services allow you to concentrate on taking advantage of the business intelligence and analytics we deliver without worrying about support of our operationalized products. We build solutions and keep them optimized with dedicated monthly hours.


Blacklight can also identify the best approach to resolving your problem, provide a scope of work, create a customized solution, and deliver a fully operational system that is easy to sustain by your team. Our managed services also extend from analytics to data security and retention and disaster recovery.

The Blacklight Accelerator is our comprehensive platform that makes it possible for any business to improve the value of their data and analytics. We create content that your customers can use to advance their products. Accelerator’s custom virtualization technology connects you to hard-to-access data sources and facilitates queries across cloud-based data sources and then generates information with depth and readily accessible knowledge.


Our embedded analytics also make it easy to scale your system and set operational parameters to trigger real time monitoring alerts via text, email, SMS, and chat bots. We can scope out whatever your challenges might be, build a BI and analytics system to solve your problems, and leave it for your team to support and operate. Or we can manage every service we deliver from data retention and disaster recovery to operationalized, embedded analytics.

Information can be puzzling. Data only turns into business insight and products when sources are properly connected with the right machine intelligence. Your customers need information that is accessible and provides knowledge to drive actions. Blacklight understands that you want to deliver relevant information to your customers in forms that allow them to improve their offerings. Insightful analytics are about more than just a few visualizations and reports on dashboards. Let us show you the value of broad integration options for data sources and intelligence.


Growth must be unbounded by technology. Companies scale and grow best using a lean process. Making massive investments in infrastructure can threaten the value of products moving toward the market. Blacklight understands the importance of building on what works best and adding strategic assets as needed to handle even massive demand and data processing in real time. The task we accomplish is the ability to help you expand and maintain your hold on the opportunities your company has engaged. Our cloud partnerships make it simple for Blacklight to scale with your company while supporting your customers’ analytics and intelligence without interruption.


Digital business involves new risks. Servers can crash, natural disasters knock out infrastructure, and data can be corrupted by external forces. But keeping up standards of innovation for demanding customers can turn risk mitigation into a secondary consideration. Blacklight’s Accelerator includes defined policies for governance that manage security, data retention, and disaster recovery across all types of scenarios. Our team is always prepared to execute a detailed disaster recovery plan that gets your business back in operation before your customers are confronting problems.


Knowing what your company needs is the first digital challenge. And then you must determine how to create and implement that product. We understand the complexity of those processes. So, we created a simple one of our own. It’s designed to help our customers deal with their next steps in business intelligence and analytics.

We call it the Blacklight Quick Start.

A Quick Start allows you to take advantage of Blacklight’s expertise and broad range of experience. We help your teams to identify business problems, develop strategies, and implement the right data management solutions. These services include software training, go-to-market coaching, proof-of-concept projects, and content development sprints.

Our consultants guide you through your Quick Start with engagements that last from 2-4 days. We can assess your specific challenges and help produce a resourcing and technology plan to help you avoid mistakes.

Blacklight can also offer a deeper Quick Start engagement that assists your team in building high-impact reports and dashboards with your embedded analytics implementation. Our workshops get your company ready to integrate your application with everything from advanced data visualizations to the design of performance monitoring KPI dashboards.

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