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We are a Full-Service Solution.

Blacklight Solutions provides insightful, cost-effective data solutions delivered with attentive customer service and in-depth training to ensure easy adoptability. We take complex, impactful technology and make it simple and easy to use. Blacklight Solutions provides a complete data analytics solution that will improve your business without adding to your payroll.

Other firms offer self-service solutions because they only want to sell their software and they want to leave you with the complex business of developing a strategy, planning and implementing a solution.  Those are the riskiest endeavors and according to Harvard Business Review a major challenge for 77% of executives    Our packages are the starting point for our services. They create simple opportunities for you to engage our solution with defined deliverables and simplified financial considerations.

Our Quick Start packages are fast ways to get your analytics projects started on the right track.  They involve workshops for planning and strategy, roadmap development, training and even time to work with your team on how they can develop a solution.

We have Quick Starts workshops available for

  • Getting analytics projects started
  • Developing customer facing analytics
  • Getting projects back on track
  •  Jumpstarting your AI strategy.

Need a simple way to unlock data that resides behind commonly used online applications such as your CRM, financial system or operational tools?   Use our Runway Package to instantly connect those data sources and see them come alive in an interactive web application.  As with all of our software, pay for only what you use in processing time and usage.

We instantly bring to life and make actionable data from

  • Salesforce
  • Zoho CRM
  • Zendesk
  • Quickbooks
  • … and more

Have data locked away in custom databases, cloud applications or raw files?   Our vision package provides you with the planning and implementation resources to get a complete solution out the door.  Combine information from any of your data sources.   We help you connect, prepare and blend your data so that it can facilitate evidence based decisions from your team.  Enhanced features like alerts and automation are within reach using our machine learning and artificial intelligence workbench.

All of this builds on our software to give you a complete solution that enables your growth story.

Looking to put dashboards, alerts or other customized information in front of your customers?  Stop emailing them spreadsheets and put a modernized interactive data experience in front of them.  Look smarter and engage your customers with data-driven content.   Your products and services will look more transparent to them and you can generate additional revenue.  Create alerts for your customers to direct their attention to events they need to see and provide the context they need to take action.

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