The Only Complete Business Analytics Solution that Adjusts to Fit Your Exact Needs and Budget

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Any solution requires the right tools.  Our technology simplifies your deployment by connecting your data through a drag-and-drop development environment that is free to download.  Getting started is a cinch.  Unify your business by easily creating a secure data lake that is hosted and scalable to your needs.  Prepare and blend your data with our drag and drop workbench, and easily implement sophisticated solutions involving machine learning.  Schedule your processes to run in our hosted cloud environment efficiently on your data lake.  Present your solutions as a dashboard or by layering a custom interactive web application over your data.

Our approach to technology is made simple because you

  • Pay as you go and only pay for what you use

  • Don’t require any scripting languages or code

    • Open source solution development tool

  • Can leave the hosting, management and scale to us

  • Can connect to dozens of cloud applications

  • Can connect to a number of databases natively or any JDBC compliant database

  • Can connect to any web service easily

From Raw Data to Answered Questions, our Technology facilitates your growth story


Blacklight offers security, federation of data, and interrogation of multiple data sources. We make all data, structured or unstructured, readily accessible and beneficial.

Data Lake

Instantly create a data lake that secures, scales and facilitates the blending of all of your organizational data.


Blend your data so that everything from simple aggregation to complex machine learning models can be developed on all of your organizational data.  Deploy your preparation, processes and machine learning models to the cloud to be run on your data on your schedule.


Make your solution actionable.  Present your data through a dashboard tool, develop an interactive web application or create alerts and notifications for your stakeholders to receive when a critical change occurs.