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Testing Automation in Embedded BI

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Congratulations, you’ve made the choice to embed a BI solution into your product line. You have thought through the implications of building it yourself and have decided you want to focus your team on what makes you money, your specific domain. Unless you sell a BI solution, you don’t want to keep up with the

Strategic Partnerships

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We are excited to have recently become Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Hortonworks consulting partners. In addition to our partnerships with KNIME and Yellowfin. Since the beginning of this company we have been striving to do more for our clients and faster.  New capabilities emerge for our clients with this combination of technologies, a combination

Observations from KNIME Summit 2017

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Any analytics project today requires data integration, cleansing, manipulation and often they require machine learning.  In order to solve these problems a hodge podge of tooling is typically required.  That usually leads to glueing technologies together that were never meant to really work with each other in the same place.   The problem is exacerbated