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Calculemus!  The Confusing Vocabulary of Artificial Intelligence

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You are probably the type of executive that wants to fully understand the emerging opportunities in tech, but when it comes to artificial intelligence are left wondering if the field is just full of hype. There certainly has been plenty of hype lately and combined with all of those articles about the looming threat from advances in

BI Vendor Analytics – Q4 2017

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We like to use our data skills to help people. We have found that to be a quick route to trust and credibility. One of our most popular recent posts made use of research Blacklight had conducted on business intelligence tool features. Choosing a BI tool has gotten wildly complicated as the web proliferates with

Avoid Making Your Data Ten Times More Expensive

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When 83% of companies believe their revenue is affected because of data quality problems, we need to take a look at what is going wrong. Few endeavors have received the media attention, promise, and even hype as the revolution organizations today are undergoing to become data-driven. But the value from that investment and work evaporates when the data

Capture Your Audience with Visualizations

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When you are creating insightful visualizations with data, everything depends on the right starting point.  Developing a method and having standards for your visuals is critical to building engagement from your audience.  You don't just want something that people can understand, but something that informs them in surprising ways.  Accomplishing that objective means spending time