Blacklight Solutions Unveils Software to Simplify Business Analytics with AI and Machine Learning



Blacklight Solutions, an applied analytics company based in Texasintroduced a simplified business analytics platform that allows small to mid-market businesses to implement artificial intelligence and machine learning with code free transformation, aggregation, blending and mixing of multiple data sources. Blacklight software empowers companies to increase efficiency by using machine learning and artificial intelligence for business processes with a team of experts guiding this metamorphosis 


Small and mid-size firms need a simpler way to leverage these technologies for growth in the way large enterprises have.” said Chance Coble, Blacklight Solutions CEO. “We are thrilled to bring an easy pay-as-you-go solution along with the expertise to guide them and help them succeed.” 


Blacklight Solutions believes that now more than ever companies need business analytics solutions that can increase sales, enhance productivity, and improve risk control. Blacklight software gives small to mid-market businesses an opportunity to implement the latest technology and create insightful digital products without requiring a dedicated team or familiarity with coding languages. Blacklight Solutions provides each client with a team of experts to help guide their journey in becoming evidence-based decision makers.   


Capabilities and Benefits for Users 

Blacklight is a cloud-based system that is built to scale with your business as it grows. It is the simplest way to create business analytics solutions that users can then sell to their customers. Users have the added ability to create dashboards and embed them in client facing portals. Additionally, users are enabled to grow and improve cash flow by creating data products that their customers can subscribe to resulting in generated revenue. Blacklight software also features an alerting system that notifies designated users when changes in data or anomalies occur. 


Blacklight brought the strategy, expertise and software that made analytics a solution for us to achieve new business objectives and grow sales,” said Deren Koldwyn, CEO, Avannis, Blacklight Solutions client.  


Blacklight software brings the full power of business analytics to companies that are looking for digital transformations and want to move fastBlacklight Solutions is the only full-service solution that provides empowering software combined with the insight and strategy necessary for impactful analytics implementations. To learn more about Blacklight Solutions’ offerings visit 


About Blacklight Solutions 

Blacklight Solutions is an analytics firm focused on helping mid-market companies accelerate their growth.  Founded in 2009, Blacklight Solutions has spent over a decade helping organizations solve business problems by putting their data to work to generate revenue, increase efficiency and improve customer relationships.