Illuminations NewsCard Q4 2017

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Amazon certainly knows how to go big at a conference.  With nearly 50,000 attendees AWS re:Invent was spread across Las Vegas hotels and included fully booked sessions from end to end.    Over 1000 sessions were held and venues spanned the MGM, Aria, Venetian, LINQ and Mirage elevating conference logistics and unfortunately wait

Strategic Partnerships

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We are excited to have recently become Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Hortonworks consulting partners. In addition to our partnerships with KNIME and Yellowfin. Since the beginning of this company we have been striving to do more for our clients and faster.  New capabilities emerge for our clients with this combination of technologies, a combination

BI Vendor Analytics – Q4 2017

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We like to use our data skills to help people. We have found that to be a quick route to trust and credibility. One of our most popular recent posts made use of research Blacklight had conducted on business intelligence tool features. Choosing a BI tool has gotten wildly complicated as the web proliferates with

Capture Your Audience with Visualizations

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When you are creating insightful visualizations with data, everything depends on the right starting point.  Developing a method and having standards for your visuals is critical to building engagement from your audience.  You don't just want something that people can understand, but something that informs them in surprising ways.  Accomplishing that objective means spending time

Illuminations NewsCard Q3 2017

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Blacklight Solutions has named Internet entrepreneur and AI visionary Ian Clarke to lead the company’s new Machine Intelligence Practice. Clarke created and launched Freenet, the web’s first peer-to-peer, censorship resistant platform for communication, and his research in artificial intelligence has led to numerous technology ... If you are still on

Blacklight Solutions Assists Research to Improve Energy Recovery

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Tech Firm Adds Dimension to Fracture Predictive Project at University of Texas AUSTIN, TEXAS (PRWEB) JUNE 29, 2017 Blacklight Solutions, an applied data analytics firm in Austin, has developed a cloud-based tool to enhance the energy recovery research of the University of Texas’ Cockrell School of Engineering. The project is a collaboration