We are excited to have recently become Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Hortonworks consulting partners. In addition to our partnerships with KNIME and Yellowfin. Since the beginning of this company we have been striving to do more for our clients and faster.  New capabilities emerge for our clients with this combination of technologies, a combination which is more than the sum of its pieces.  We are now capable of bringing this full stack solution to create future-proof data solutions and in 2018 can even publish practices and offer training on this stack.  These four platforms allow us to implement the cornerstones of any modern data solution: elastic infrastructure, big data integration, machine learning and content delivery.
AWS has been our preferred vendor on cloud solutions since day one and we have developed solutions for many of our clients and supports their movement to applications in the cloud.  The cloud provider provides our clients global infrastructure on demand and facilitates extensive security standards.  We are creating elasticity and operationalizing resources and budgets using our reference architectures built for AWS.  With this starting point, our clients don’t have to know everything about their future needs for us to begin planning and iterating on their solution.  It has been ideal for trying new ideas and then hardening them as our clients gain traction with their products.
Hortonworks is a trusted Hadoop provider, and offers a complete suite of solutions including for governance, integration, streaming, initiating data lakes and still supporting all of the foundations of Hadoop.  Being able to layer all of this on to our cloud deployments means the best of elastic infrastructure with software that can scale.  When combined with AWS infrastructure we see this as a foundation for putting data lakes in place and building out new opportunities from the lake.  Mature solutions can be migrated into this for better scale, or transient infrastructure to answer ad hoc questions.  Our clients have already benefited by this combination of AWS and Hadoop bringing forward looking business solutions to mature infrastructure.

Machine Learning grows as creating solutions with it become simpler.  We believe KNIME is the most approachable machine learning workbench available today. It’s big data connectors actually permit us to push down more heavy lifting to the Hortonworks platforms, while keeping the interface in a self-contained document.  It’s active community have given it surprising breadth in data integration. We have applied solutions in KNIME in several industries and are excited for it to be part of our ecosystem for a complete data solution that can really scale.   Our clients are able to use KNIME to not only participate in the development, but its self-documenting style keeps us agile as workflows evolve with changing project needs.
Finally, we top this stack with Yellowfin for content delivery. In addition to providing a simple interface for developing visualizations, Yellowfin offers a full complement of business intelligence features combined with market leading collaboration. It’s release of 7.4 includes automated insights as an answer to challenges to make BI more natural to use and find drivers behind the insights.   Our specialty is in helping organizations with analytics offerings for their customers, so naturally we partner with a web-based platform that is easy to white-label to your own brand.
Binding all of this together is the Blacklight Accelerator Platform where we offer the glue to put this platform together on our reference architectures, the virtualization capabilities to make API’s and other non-traditional data sources look like databases and a framework for the rapid development of modern, responsive web interfaces for analytics applications.  We are very excited about continuing to build this technology on our partner platforms and for the opportunities it brings our customers.