Tech Firm Adds Dimension to Fracture Predictive Project at University of Texas

Blacklight Solutions, an applied data analytics firm in Austin, has developed a cloud-based tool to enhance the energy recovery research of the University of Texas’ Cockrell School of Engineering. The project is a collaboration with the work of Jon Olson, Ph.D., who has been studying hydraulic fracturing and fracture pattern development in the petroleum industry. Blacklight’s analytics and software engineers built a tool that visualizes the size and formation of fractures by using data delivered by Olson’s programming.

“We are always looking for new approaches to increasing the value of data,” said Chance Coble, CEO of Blacklight Solutions. “Doctor Olson’s work is critical in helping the energy industry understand hydraulic flows, rock mechanics, and impacts on recovery, and we’ve added to his project by offering a 3D visualization that petroleum engineers can utilize from anywhere with their data. Now they can literally see the shape and location of an underground fracture.”

We are always looking for new approaches to increase the value of data.

– Chance Coble, Blacklight Solutions

Blacklight designed and developed the solution for Olson’s innovative fracture modeling program known as JOINTS. The company took his Fortran program and transitioned it into a modernized web application that is secure, multi-tenant, and can be operationalized on the cloud.

“Because it was based in Fortran, this was considered a ‘brownfield’ application,” said Giovanni Farris, VP of Development at Blacklight. “And we consistently find ways to take legacy applications being used by our customers, and turn them into modernized tools that can be wrapped in real time messaging and then hosted on the cloud. For businesses, this type of transition can be critical.”

The twenty different companies contributing to the JOINTS research project can now access a program that was previously only executable in a laboratory environment, and the user interface is completely mobile compliant. UT can also begin to look at the prospects of transferring the technology to the commercial marketplace.

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