We like to use our data skills to help people. We have found that to be a quick route to trust and credibility.

One of our most popular recent posts made use of research Blacklight had conducted on business intelligence tool features. Choosing a BI tool has gotten wildly complicated as the web proliferates with companies making claims of capabilities and excellence that cannot often be verified. As more BI tools enter the market space, performing a comprehensive analysis becomes more challenging even for data and business specialists at mature enterprises.

Blacklight decided to use our expertise with data to offer a tool that accurately summarizes the market and helps you stay informed about BI offerings that might be a suitable intelligence solution for your further evaluation. We are confident this is the most comprehensive analysis available of technology in the BI space. If you would like to see any additions, please drop us a line because we are committed to making this an ongoing and evolving product to enable people make smart decisions for their businesses.

We set this up for an easy comparison between BI tools. The visual shows the names of all of the tools we analyzed, which are displayed on the right and the left columns. These include a set of features and keywords that Blacklight searched for on the tools’ various websites. The key words that were present on those sites are connected to each of the named BI tools. To use this interactive visual, just click on any of the items to filter the display. If you click on one of the keywords in the center, the tools that are associated with that keyword are the only ones that are displayed. Click the keyword again to clear the filter. When you click on one of the tools, the results are filtered to the keywords that are associated with that specific BI product.  Because of the voluminous offerings available, we focused only on tools that offer information visualizations for a business analyst (rather than software developer).

With a few quick clicks, we’ve made it possible for you to view BI tools that have the features needed by your company or project, and you can select from that short list those that you want to evaluate.