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Blacklight. Our platform. Our people. Your success.

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Blacklight has engineered our platform’s features to serve the most advanced digital companies and legacy businesses looking to acquire competitive advantages in a wired economy. Our expertise and technology turns data into a strategic asset, whether you are providing a software service from the cloud or running an energy company of rigs, trucks, and pipelines.

The Blacklight Accelerator provides all the tools necessary to enable your business to turn data into products and grow your market share. All these features are included in the Accelerator or they can be individually deployed based upon your strategic requirements.


Blacklight offers security, federation of data, and interrogation of multiple data sources. We make all data, structured or unstructured, readily accessible and beneficial.


Real time text alerts, SMS, emails, and chat bots deployed across your network based on optimal performance and operational standards.

Analyze and Scale

Embed the entire Blacklight Accelerator platform for business intelligence, analytics, alerts, connection and data federation technology to keep your growing company in front of the demands of your customers and the marketplace.

Business Intelligence

Combine Blacklight’s technology with Yellowfin’s powerful embedded business intelligence features.