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Build and Monetize a Simple Software Product

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One of the simplest ways to get started with a software product for your customers is to automate the review of data.  That is especially valuable when you can identify events, anomalies or patterns and notify your customers.  This pattern of product is easily monetized because the value proposition is simple.  Use smart machines instead

Observations from KNIME Summit 2017

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Any analytics project today requires data integration, cleansing, manipulation and often they require machine learning.  In order to solve these problems a hodge podge of tooling is typically required.  That usually leads to glueing technologies together that were never meant to really work with each other in the same place.   The problem is exacerbated

Calculemus!  The Confusing Vocabulary of Artificial Intelligence

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You are probably the type of executive that wants to fully understand the emerging opportunities in tech, but when it comes to artificial intelligence are left wondering if the field is just full of hype. There certainly has been plenty of hype lately and combined with all of those articles about the looming threat from advances in