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Blacklight Case Study

Business Problem:

Avannis built a strong reputation in the financial services industry for providing tools and technology to manage customer experiences along with support and guidance. They have succeeded by partnering with financial institutions that want to create experiences for customers that are differentiated, more functional, and naturally intuitive with actionable information. The goal was to gain a competitive edge while helping Avannis customers strengthen their brands and have a positive impact on their bottom lines.

As the company grew, however, there was also an increasing demand for customer analytics. Avannis needed to advance its information and presentations to understand the customers’ voices and continue to drive increased loyalty. They needed analytical dashboards that were also carefully secured to protect customer data. These would facilitate even greater customer feedback and improved strategies in the financial services sector where Avannis competes. A broader range of products and tools to add to the customer experience were also potential elements to leverage increased sales.

“Blacklight brought the strategy, practice and resourcing capabilities that made our analytics a win for the company and our customers.”

Deren Koldwyn, CEO, Avannis

Technology Challenge:

Advancing customer analytics with an in-house strategy appeared expensive, time-consuming, and technologically overwhelming. Avannis was confronted with attracting and retaining talent to execute any delivery plan while also acquiring needed infrastructure and staff expertise. The requirement for ongoing management expertise would also arise along with the constant acquisition of technology resources and maintenance of systems and platforms. Production support would need to be planned as a completely new endeavor by the company. Avannis had deployed tools that provided traditional business intelligence features but wanted to offer customers greater insights for unstructured and textual analyses, which would have broad appeal, improve brand loyalty, marketing, overall customer satisfaction, and drive sales revenue.

Blacklight Solution:

A fully managed cloud solution was developed by Blacklight, which included detailed data security and retention policies and provided all required infrastructure. Avannis needed only to facilitate the ingestion of data into the Blacklight platform to acquire the advanced analytics, insights, and presentations to increase their appeal to customers, and strengthen already strong relationships. The professional dashboard presentations were delivered through a secure, multi-tenant cloud server system that protected information from corruption, theft, and loss. Avannis launched their new leading analytics solution from Blacklight and immediately demonstrated enhanced product value to customers while enjoying improved sales enablement and brand identity.  In 2017, Avannis reported the project had boosted their sales that year alone by 30%.

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