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Blacklight Case Study

ACL provides technology products and services for governance, risk management, and compliance. The team at ACL was looking to extend their ACL GRC cloud platform by introducing extensive custom reporting and dashboards. Embedding and styling a business intelligence tool would help accelerate the content they could generate and get valuable features into their product. However, the unstructured and sensitive nature of the underlying data sources, and the limitations of business intelligence tools forced them to custom engineer a reporting solution.

They engaged Blacklight Solutions and using proprietary technology Blacklight integrated a business intelligence tool and facilitated rapid report and dashboard creation within one month. The product has since been a success in the market with enterprises looking to gain deep insights on their GRC information. The product is robust, data-rich and profitable.

“We needed a vendor that could help us centralize custom reporting and dashboards in the cloud for our customers. Blacklight brought the tools and techniques to make it happen.”

Dan Zitting, VP, ACL

Our Profile

Blacklight Solutions’ applied analytics approach makes data integration and reporting easy so clients can focus on businesses performance. Data products we build can be embedded into client technology to create value by extending existing software applications or by generating additional revenue streams.

Engaged Because

  • Roadblock integrating BI on non-traditional data sources

  • Custom built reporting was expensive and time consuming for the team

  • Blacklight’s technology provides SQL integration with unstructured data, NoSQL sources and enables in flight analytics

Key Accomplishments

Data Integration

Created a live query endpoint for BI generated SQL to Web Services returning unstructured data

Expert Analysis

Identified best practices with BI tool deployment in a cloud environment


Provided best-in-class support of solution with rapid-response tickets for incident tracking, phone support and even screen sharing walk-throughs to help resolve incidents

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Business Intelligence, Data Integration

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