LIGHTHOUSE Logo Small 051914Blacklight Solutions Tuesday announced the launch of Lighthouse, an Early Warning System for business systems.

This solution will empower companies to respond to real-time events that are critical to their business operations.

Today, businesses are under increasing pressure to respond more quickly to a greater volume of data.  This requires higher-level processing and more powerful analytics.  Most companies have so much data to manage that they struggle to route the right information to the right people in a timely manner.

We have worked with clients who are not able to surface regional insights that could mean the difference in pricing strategy that would generate millions of dollars in revenue gains.  Other clients are not able to see system outages in a timely manner and face customer dissatisfaction.  Data lags also plague internal systems, we see networks that are unable to keep up with processing times, much less offer analytics that the business needs to optimize.

To address this need, some companies have opted to open the floodgates and create alert systems that are triggered by static threshold constraints.  This often creates a flood of automated notifications generated by false positives and inflexible rule-based systems.  In this scenario, teams are so overloaded with system alerts that important information can be overlooked or routed incorrectly.

Lighthouse Early Warning System serves as a catalyst for companies to scale data management and alert the right people at the right time.  Proactive notification can be the difference between revenue gain or loss and business success or failure.

In the process flow example below, taken from the Lighthouse Case Study, the technology was used to enable reporting on aggregated standardized and unstructured data sources.  This process flow ensures that notifications are triggered when there are significant system changes.


The technology we have developed implements high-scale pattern recognition and predictive analytics tools to surface insights dynamically.   Lighthouse runs on top of Blacklight Solutions’ data virtualization technology DataCurrent, to analyze a company’s raw data flows, incorporate unstructured data sources and enable real-time visualization and reporting.  DataCurrent also enables the system to pull and analyze data from a company’s custom or proprietary data assets.

The chart below is taken from a live Lighthouse installation and illustrates the dynamic thresholds that are generated by real-time analytics.  The threshold bounds are created by analyzing the data flows and applying advanced evidence-based decisioning and anomaly detection matrices.  When the system values cross the dynamic thresholds – either an upper or lower bound – an alert is issued to the appropriate path.


Proactive notifications, or “push intelligence,” can be the difference between revenue gain or loss and business success or failure.  Lighthouse gives businesses the tools they need to stay ahead of the growing data processing and management curve.

The Lighthouse Early Warning System is easily configurable for a company’s unique use case.  Lighthouse applications can also be embedded in client software products as a new feature or offering.  Blacklight Solutions has a depth of experience in software development consulting and we work side-by-side with our clients to ensure that the build and implementation process is successful.

Please take a look at additional resources on Lighthouse, and we would love to talk to you about your early warning project.