Connect your Business Intelligence solution to Salesforce, Google Docs, Google Analytics, MongoDB and much more.

DataCurrent provides business users the ability to include data stored in NoSQL repositories, cloud services and even application data into their reports and analytics in real-time. DataCurrent enables users of business intelligence tools to connect to these data sources as though they are simply connecting to another database.


DataCurrent is a lightweight set of services that can be installed into your business intelligence environment. DataCurrent comes with a JDBC driver that makes connecting to the platform standard for any enterprise tool. DataCurrent uses a flexible plugin architecture which allows source databases to be easily extended without involving outside resources. New plugins can be created turning proprietary application services into virtual database that can be incorporated into reporting or business intelligence solutions.

DataCurrent scales as a solution from small 5 user teams connecting their business intelligence tools to Salesforce all the way up to Fortune 100 enterprises including virtual databases into their own software for embedded business intelligence capabilities.

DataCurrent Video Walkthrough

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