Blacklight Solutions’ Runway Packages are designed to give our clients easy-to-engage options as they are ramping up. Runway Packages feature defined deliverables that solve specific business needs for some of the most in-demand use cases we see.

Analytics Packages

Short Development Timelines
Each of these package options are structured as quick sprints – from six weeks to 90 days.  This gives businesses momentum so that they can see immediate results from their investment.

Expert Resources
Runway Packages give clients access to Blacklight Solutions’ experienced consultants who have deep expertise in building and deploying Big Data solutions.  We work side by side with our client teams to ensure that there is seamless integration; this also saves the company from the time and expense of bringing on new development resources with these specific skill sets.

Turnkey Projects
Runway Packages that involve software build and deployment are 100 percent turnkey.  We support the full development cycle and provide complete knowledge transfer so our clients are able to stand up and independently operate a complete solution.

Business Planning
Every project is stand-alone – no long-term contracts are required – and pricing is clearly defined at the outset to minimize risk exposure for our clients.  Engaging us with Runway Packages also allows businesses to strategically build project requirements incrementally and limit up-front spend.


This package illuminates business insights in data assets and empowers companies to respond to critical real-time events.

Package Includes:

  • Expert review and strategy development for analytics infrastructure
  • Build, integration and deployment
  • Performance optimization
  • 3 custom metrics
  • Extensibility -1 custom connector
  • BI tool integration
  • DataCurrent annual license
  • Knowledge transfer/User workshop

Package Benefits:

  • Prevention of revenue loss due to lags in system processing
  • Advance preparation for environmental events to mitigate operation impact
  • Continuous monitoring of systems for network performance optimization
  • Implementation of real time, evidence-based decision frameworks for pricing and delivery strategy
  • Actionable intelligence from rapid-response push notifications that already the right people at the right time
  • Strategic predictive analytics modeling, forecasting and tracking


The Embedded Analytics package provides everything you need to build a completely integrated analytics solution.

Package Includes:

  • Out of the box content
  • Build integration automation
  • Single sign-on functionality
  • System upgrade roadmap
  • Performance optimization
  • Training on BI tool
  • DataCurrent annual license (for data virtualization)
  • Pre-sales content development
  • Marketing and sales strategy

Embedded analytics can be bolted on to existing software offerings as a new module, analysis and visualization feature or premium subscription add-on.

Package Benefits:

  • Building an analytics layer on top of existing products
  • Bringing together disparate data sources (including unstructured) to offer comprehensive analytics
  • Enabling business intelligence offering for clients
  • Developing new revenue streams by offering analytics as a product upgrade or separate module on existing software
  • Providing clients with real-time data visualization and easy report creation
  • Creating a market differentiator that serves as a sales accelerator


This package gives clients the opportunity to benefit from our deep expertise in Big data analytics.

Package Includes:

  • Evaluation of tools for consideration
  • Buy v. build analytic options
  • Cloud v. on-premise assessment
  • Requirements development (with stakeholders)
  • Resourcing planning:
    • Dev resourcing
    • Pricing & budget
    • O & M
  • Proof of concept with selected tool (scoping required)

Many businesses get bogged down in the evaluation and planning stage. As trusted advisors, we work closely with client teams to ensure that they are set up for a successful implementation. We also provide input on the strategic roadmap, ensuring that the product will deliver long-term value, scale easily and integrate seamlessly as the industry develops.

Package Benefits:

  • Detailed decision matrix for tool selection
  • Full assessment of buy v. build and cloud v. on-premise considerations
  • Build-out of complete implementation plan
  • Confidence in the strategic approach as the first step in a successful product deployment
  • Demonstration of project outcomes through proof of concept implementation
  • Comprehensive survey of stakeholder requirements to ensure that all features and integrations are supported

The Evaluation & P.O.C. Package gives clients the opportunity to benefit from our deep expertise in Big data analytics, system scaling, business intelligence implementation and software development. This RUnway Package allows clients to engage our senior-level consultants on a short-term basis to advise on strategic analytics projects.


The Analytics Deployment Package gives companies the power of Big Data analytics for internal systems.

Package Includes:

  • Custom analytics and metrics development
  • Single sign-on functionality
  • Training on BI tool
  • Performance optimization
  • Report content development
  • DataCurrent annual license (for data virtualizations)

We build analytics into existing data processing and reporting structures, giving companies the keys to harness their own data assets to ensure efficiencies, optimize service delivery and gain strategic insights.

Package Benefits:

  • Real-time dashboards to track system performance
  • Increased usability for internal stakeholders
  • Easy executive reporting and analytics
  • Scaling of data processing for system optimization
  • Increased processing capacity to maximize efficiency
  • Advanced analytics that make data meaningful and inform business strategy
  • Revenue realization through implementation of predictive analytics

Advanced Analytics & Scaling Package

This package empowers companies to accommodate increasing operational demands around processing, managing, analyzing and applying data.

Package Includes:

  • Cluster application integration workshop*
  • Predictive analytics workshop*
  • Review assessment of system configuration
    • Problem areas
    • Startup best practices
  • Strategic roadmap planning:
    • Dev resources
    • Pricing and budget
  • On-premise v. cloud evaluation
  • Predictive analytics tools and process assessment
  • Roadmap recommendations

Our consultants work with systems of every size to identify business problems and implement the right data management solutions. This package also gives our clients the opportunity to introduce advanced analytics into their data processing systems. Workshop sessions are tailored to each client’s specific needs and provide point of impact coaching to ensure that the analytics are effective and meaningful to meet the business demand.

Package Benefits:

  • Building an analytics layer on top of internal data processes
  • Bringing together disparate data sources (including unstructured) for a diagnostic view of performance indicators
  • Real-time data visualization and easy report creation for internal stakeholders and executives
  • Introduction of advanced analytics for data-driven strategy development
  • Expert advising on strategic planning for long-term product roadmap
  • Targeted workshops to develop in-house expertise
  • Implementation of high-scale data analytics tools

Our expert advisors also work to ensure that client systems are future-proofed, contributing valuable insights into roadmap planning to build in the flexibility needed to remain competitive in this changing landscape.


This package gives clients support in building out the content they need for an analytics offering.

Package Includes:

  • Development of client-facing reports and dashboards
  • Data visualization templates
  • Formulation of KPIs
  • Creation of alerts framework
  • Data slice and dice

Our team can quickly spin up client-ready dashboards and reports that will present your data in a meaningful and easily consumable way.

Package Overview:

Often, the sticking point in an analytics deployment is for the business to deliver valuable content as part of the service offering.

The Reports & Dashboards / Content Creation Package can be constructed around a set number of reports/dashboards or as a set number of consulting hours per month.

Blacklight Solutions’ expert consultants are trained to produce high quality data visualizations

Support Package

We supplement client teams’ existing skill sets and provide expertise in big data tools.

Package Includes:

  • Ongoing operations and maintenance support
  • Integration solutions
  • Troubleshooting
  • Configuration management
  • Security
  • Monitoring
  • Access to ticketing system for incident tracking and resolution

Package Overview:

The Support Package gives clients access to our experienced consultants for ongoing operations and maintenance requirements. This service alleviates the need for companies to increase head count before it makes business sense.

Support Packages are customizable according to the amount of support time needed. Typical packages provide for eight hours per month, 24 hours per month, or 40+ hours per month of services.