One of Blacklight Solutions’ strengths is the ability to bring our deep experience deploying and embedding business intelligence solutions to you. Our approach is to work side-by-side with client teams to identify business problems and implement the right data management solutions. That’s why we created our Quick-Start Packages.

These short-term engagements give you the opportunity to leverage our expertise for strategy development, go-to-market coaching, intensive software training, content development sprints and rapid proof-of-concept projects. We also offer custom Quick Start Packages, please contact us to discuss your project needs.

Pre-Flight Packages

Overview:  Our Pre-Flight Package gives you simple and lightweight access to a principal consultant at Blacklight Solutions, a firm of experts in customer facing analytics. The consultant will be able to assess your specific challenges and needs, help you produce a resourcing and technology plan and warn you of potential costly mistakes many organizations make early in these endeavors.


  • On-site visit with a principal consultant
  • Documented framework for planning and executing your project
  • Advice on how to approach different types of customer facing data services including:
    • Dashboards and Reports
    • Alerting and Early Warning Systems
    • Interactive Search and Automation Systems
  • Insights on modern and next generation data tools for scale and rapid implementation

Length:  2 days

Guided Evaluations

Overview:  Make the right decision. We can help you develop a rapid Proof of Concept solution that your users will love.  Learn how to make the most of your data in just days.  This package is designed for clients who will be doing most of the evaluation themselves but need coaching and or additional resources to speed up the process.

Includes:  Connecting to a data source, building initial reports and dashboards as well as basic restyling and training.

Length: 3 days


Embedded Essentials

Overview:  Your consultant prepare your team to build out high-impact reports and dashboards within your embedded analytics implementation. These are designed for companies that are considering their options when planning out analytics features in their products or companies that have purchased a business intelligence tool to embed and want to maximize their value.

Includes:  Best practices for high performance and high impact reports and data analytics.  Workshops included get your team ready to integrate into your application everything from advanced data visualizations to designing performance monitoring through KPI dashboards.

Length: 4 days

Predictive Analytics

Overview:  Demystify the world of Predictive Analytics and learn how to harness the true power of your data.

Includes:  Examples of Predictive Analytics for business intelligence and discussions on how your business can harness the power of your data with Predictive Analytics.

Length: Two 3-hour sessions

Please contact us for custom consulting packages