Our service offerings have three tiers. You can engage with any one or multiple tiers over time. Our flexibility and choice of tools are designed to help you unlock your data without creating unnecessary pain points or dependencies. Whether you are looking for a rapid adoption effort for your team or a complete addition to your product line, we have a level of service that fits your needs.

We specialize in business intelligence and we love talking to organizations about it. At the free tier, there is no commitment on your part – you will be registered as a client organization and receive Quick-Start materials. You gain access to our email support channel (support@blacklightsolutions.com) and you can subscribe to webinars to learn from our experts. This is a no-risk way to tell us how you can specifically create a strategy to implement business intelligence solutions in your organization.

Based on our extensive experience in implementing and embedding business intelligence solutions, we have put together several packages which include technology examples, training (web or on-site), coaching and even proof-of-concept implementations.  These Quick-Start packages are the perfect level of effort for a team looking to quickly dive into sophisticated endeavors, such as integrating business intelligence fully into their product, solutions to high-level business problems and even incorporating predictive analytics in their deployment.

Our team of expert consultants can work with you to identify your organization’s needs, create a complete plan, then implement and support an end-to-end solution for your enterprise. Our solutions across various industries from medium to large scale enterprises have proven the tremendous value we can add to your organization.

Are you looking for an internal Business Intelligence and reporting solution?

If you are, we have assisted organizations all the way from small business looking to better understand their operations using the free tier of support up to Fortune 50 enterprises that engage our consulting efforts for a fully supported business application.

Would you like to embed Yellowfin in your software product or service?

Our services team specializes in helping you get to market with an embedded business intelligence solution.  We make the embedding process easy for you with our Quickstart packages by providing the coaching, integration technology and support to help you address deployment strategies, security, complete branding and even out of the box content for your product’s sales activities.

Blacklight Solutions offers a variety of hosting packages that can scale with your business. Contact us to see if any of our hosting options fit your needs.