November 25th, 2014 by Chance

As the end of the year rapidly approaches many of our clients are preparing for annual reporting and planning for 2015. Blacklight wants to be available as a resource for you and we are offering limited time office hours with Chance Coble to talk through your analytics and reporting data projects. And we’ve created a cheat sheet on R, the analytics programming language you have been hearing so much about. We’re also giving away Thanksgiving analytics to ensure that you have a wonderful, and safe, holiday.

Featured Articles:
* All About R: What you need to know about R for analytics.
* Thanksgiving Need to Know: We’re here to help you out with Thanksgiving stats to impress your friends and family!



Register for Office Hours
We are offering limited time office hours as a resource to you as you work through end of year reporting and the 2015 planning cycle. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get expert input from Chance Coble on your analytics and reporting data projects.

Please contact us as soon as possible to schedule a time for your team, space is filling up quickly!




R Cheat Sheet
R has become the most in-demand programming language in research and business analytics. With the size and complexity of data sets increasing, meaningful analysis is requiring more powerful and higher skill tools.

The recent surge in demand for analytics as a core product feature has led to the propagation of statistical packages. R has been at the leading edge of adoption because it is easy to access, free, flexible to accommodate a wide variety of use cases and has an active user community.




Brush Up on Thanksgiving
What do you know about Thanksgiving? We’re here to surprise you and keep you safe with a data-centric view of the holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Blacklight Team!