June 19th, 2014 by Chance


Blacklight Solutions has developed Runway Packages to meet the most pressing business needs of our clients.Runway Logo  These solutions are customized to provide the specific combination of software development and services that address the demands that organizations are facing today.

Runway Packages fulfill needs such as:

  • Lighthouse Early Warning
  • Embedded Analytics
  • Evaluation & P.O.C.
  • Analytics Deployment
  • Advanced Analytics & Scaling
  • Reports & Dashboards/Content Creation
  • Support

Our team has worked with client companies of all sizes and in many different industries.  Over the years, we have seen businesses struggle to implement new technologies, or get bogged down in resourcing challenges.  These easy-to-engage solutions are designed to empower companies to take these first steps on analytics projects.

Clients benefit from access to Blacklight Solutions’ expert consultants and experienced developers for short, capacity-building sprints.  Our team will ensure that each project is fully integrated with existing data assets, and that each piece is scalable with your technology roadmap.  Each engagement is turn-key, we complete full knowledge transfer, so there is no requirement for ongoing service contracts.

As the industry moves to adopt advanced tool sets to make increasingly complex data streams meaningful, it is difficult and expensive to staff teams that have the necessary skill sets, such as Hadoop and Spark.  In addition, it is prohibitively time-consuming to source and onboard a complete team.  We hope to alleviate these pressures for our clients and help them build momentum with easy, fast wins.

Runway Packages give organizations of all sizes a cost-effective way to build additional capacity.  Clients can quickly realize returns from these engagements, in areas such as:

  • Prevention of revenue loss due to lags in system processing.
  • Implementation of real time, evidence-based decision frameworks for pricing and delivery strategy.
  • Actionable intelligence from rapid-response push notifications that alert the right people at the right time.
  • Strategic predictive analytics modeling, forecasting and tracking.
  • Visualization and tracking of data with meaningful analytics and reporting on key indicators.
  • Developing new revenue streams by offering analytics as a product upgrade or separate module on existing software.
  • Bringing together disparate data sources (including unstructured) for a diagnostic view of performance metrics.
  • Creating a market differentiator that serves as a sales accelerator.
  • Implementation of high-scale data analytics tools for increased efficiency.
  • Strategic planning for the long-term business technology roadmap.

At Blacklight Solutions, our core competency is building data products that solve business problems.  We would love to talk to you about your data management and analytics needs.