Founded in 2009, Blacklight Solutions is an applied analytics solutions company based in Austin, Texas. We help our clients solve business problems by making their data work for them.

Who We Are

Today, businesses are facing increasing operational demands around processing, managing, analyzing and applying data. Blacklight Solutions focuses on creating innovative solutions that help companies scale to meet these critical information management needs and find new applications for owned data streams. We leverage our own technology that glues data processing tools together to provide seamless integration and meaningful analytics.

What We Do

With decades of experience in software development, our team has built solutions that generate millions of dollars annually in realized revenue and new business gains for our clients. Our consultants work side-by-side with client teams to identify business problems and implement the right data management solutions. We work with clients across more than 15 verticals, including advertising, healthcare, telecommunications and financial services.

How We Help

Blacklight Solutions’ applied analytics approach makes data integration and reporting easy so clients can focus on businesses performance. Data products we build can be embedded into client technology to create value by extending existing software applications or by generating additional revenue streams.